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Our Meals

We have a variety of menus to fit any budget.

We know budgets vary and we have created three menu packages that will fit any budget. We have named these packages from movies that you will recognise, "The Big Easy", "Double Happiness" and "The Full Monty" and no matter which package you choose, we offer you great food, anytime, anywhere

'The Big Easy' range

home1 home1 We create magic with a small budget. We provide no frills but wholesome and tasty meals to fit into your budget. The meals are standard, the options limited, the taste is great.

These menus are recommended for extras, especially if they are many during your production.

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'Double Happiness'

home3 home4 Our most popular range! These are menus that are affordable and delicious and there is more choice to choose from. Added extras include a selection of snacks served either in the morning or after lunch.

The breakfast includes scrambled eggs, fried eggs prepared on set, cold meats, a selection of yogurts, fruit salad and a variety of cereals.
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'The Full Monty' range

home3 home1 These premiums menus are restaurant type gourmet meals that consist of a minimum of nine dishes that include at least two varieties of meat.

A variety of salads is offered, together with decadent desserts of ice cream, cake and other sweets.

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The Big Easy

- Instant coffee, assorted teas
- Full cream milk, fat free milk
- mid - morning snacks*
- mid - afternoon snacks*
- ginger, lemon
- popcorn OR peanuts
- cookies OR sweets
- water cooler and water barrels*
- Cordials
- A selection of seasonal fruit

- Eggs - Scrambled, fried,
- Bacon OR chicken livers
- Cornflakes, cereals, weetbix
- Grated Cheese platter
Baked beans
- Freshly sliced tomato and onion platter
- Bread, toast,
- Yoghurt and fruit salad
- Margarine and assorted jams
- Seasonal fruit

Lunch - 1
- Grilled lamb cutlets with chad and sweet mint sauce - Onion fried long grain yellow rice with fresh coriander
- Steamed green beans
- Samp,gravy and chakalaka
- Sodas

Lunch -2
- Grilled beef with pepper sauce
- Roasted potato cubes
- Steamed green beans OR roasted carrots
- Green Saalad
- Bread roll
- Sodas