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About Us

We are connoisseurs of catering to the film and tv industry. With many years in the profession, Galaxy Catering is continuously challenging the boundaries of imagination and breaking new ground as one of South Africa's extraordinary full-service catering for film and tv production companies.

Any good film, tv show, or photo-shoot, begins with a well fed crew. We understand the needs of print and film productions. The last thing you need to worry about is what you're going to eat and how to get it to your crew each day. That's where we come in. Using our extensive knowledge of upscale catering and gastronomy, menus are created exclusively for you with impeccable taste and inimitable attention to detail.

Our extensive knowledge in gastronomy will ensure a stunning array of locally-sourced delights. We also have the skills and know-how to handle whatever a film production throws our way: last minute changes in logistics, difficult and remote locations, unusually large crews, exacting dietary restrictions, or long work hours in the most stressful environments. We have an in depth knowledge of the industry, and are well equipped to look after your cast and crew anywhere.

Our Staff.

We're dedicated to providing food and craft services to productions of every kind. Our talented crew doesn't just prepare the best meals fresh daily to order, they are smart, highly experienced and always use maximum discretion on set.

We pay strict attention to cleanliness and safety, and our crew provides complete hospitality from pouring coffee and tea to clearing trays. Eating a meal prepared and served by Galaxy whether in the confines of a sound studio or out on a lively location set, is like eating a meal at a four-star restaurant.

We are not limited to serving productions in the urban areas only, we remain flexible and ready to travel with you wherever your schedule takes you. Our creative, wholesome and tantalising bites of unforgettable quality are served anywhere that you take us to.

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